October 30, 2017

Well we’re up and running for registration and the two biggest questions we’ve had from you are:
1. How are the boats getting to Bermuda?
2. Where can we stay?

So let’s address Question 1: the plan is to ship from the USA (East Coast) and from the UK for the boats to be here by March 11/12, this leaves a buffer week of shipping in case of bad weather to get crates here with time to spare. The details will be available before the end of the first early-bird entry date (November 29, 2017).

On to Question 2. Where can we stay? We’re about to announce a partnership with a host hotel. Patience, dear Mothies – we are waiting for them to give us the registration link. We’ll be putting up a page here with a wealth of housing information from the host hotel to AirBnB options on the island – all thanks to our sponsor, the Bermuda Tourism Authority.