Title Sponsor – Welcome Bacardi Limited

Well it honestly doesn’t get too much better than this – the Bacardi ‘Bat’ is a perfect fit for the International Moth. Event Organisers are thrilled to announce Bacardi Limited and local distributor, Bermuda Premium Spirits, as the title sponsor for this year’s Worlds. For those who don’t know Bacardi Limited has its headquarters here in Bermuda and we can look forward to great spirits, in moderation, during this event. Welcome to the Bacardi Moth Worlds 2018.

Shipping Updates

  • The US Container for the US Fleet and a few others will be packed up in Key Largo right after the Winter Series #2 concludes. Ship date to Bermuda is March 9, arriving March 13. Anthony Kouton is the liaison for this container.
  • The UK/Europe container is packing up at Hayling Island Sailing Club February 10/11 to be shipped to Bermuda. Arrives in Bermuda no later than March 19 (probably at least a week early, will update when known). David Smithwhite is the liaison for this container.
  • Asia/Australia. We are working on getting a container from Sydney to Port Elizabeth, NJ, USA. It will stay in bond while in the USA and the event will pick up the USA to Bermuda legs.  Stand by for these dates – awaiting on shippers.

All boats are entitled to land in Bermuda customs duty free as long as they are leaving the island again. We will be emailing a copy of this letter to all competitors when it is issued. The containers organised by the regatta will have this letter to accompany the whole shipment. People shipping individual must ensure that their shipping/clearance agents have this letter.

You will not get a spot in the containers unless you are entered to complete.

The shipping address for deliveries is:

Oracle TeamUSA Base, 17 Freeport Drive, Sandys, MA 01, BERMUDA


Housing Update

We can officially announce our partnership with Fairmont Southampton, the official regatta hotel of the 2018 Moth Worlds. You can find more details under the ‘accommodations’ link.

The West End Development Corporation (WedCo) have 10 3 Bedroom Units in their newly Prince Albert Terrace area in Dockyard. These apartments were renovated for America’s Cup and can’t be any closer to the launch site. More information about the Apartments in Dockyard Bermuda

October 30, 2017

Well we’re up and running for registration and the two biggest questions we’ve had from you are:
1. How are the boats getting to Bermuda?
2. Where can we stay?

So let’s address Question 1: the plan is to ship from the USA (East Coast) and from the UK for the boats to be here by March 11/12, this leaves a buffer week of shipping in case of bad weather to get crates here with time to spare. The details will be available before the end of the first early-bird entry date (November 29, 2017).

On to Question 2. Where can we stay? We’re about to announce a partnership with a host hotel. Patience, dear Mothies – we are waiting for them to give us the registration link. We’ll be putting up a page here with a wealth of housing information from the host hotel to AirBnB options on the island – all thanks to our sponsor, the Bermuda Tourism Authority.