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Entry form: http://www.jotformeu.com/vcc/moth2012
Notice of Race:  http://www.mothworlds.org/campione/for-competitors/notice-of-race/

Entry List (@5th august 2012)

Tally Nat. Sail No Club Helm name
1 SUI 3729 Société nautique de genève Philip käsermann
2 GBR 3939 Royal london yacht club Chris rashley
3 AUS 3717 Southport yacht club Jack riley sherring
4 GBR 3837 Hayling island sc Graham richard simmonds
5 SUI 3622 Société nautique de genève Fabien froesch
6 AUS 3823 Mount martha yc Richard jackson
7 ISV 3596 Visa Anthony kotoun
8 AUS 3781 Ryct Will logan
9 ESP 3675 R.c.n.valencia Pablo arandia
10 AUS 3905 St george sc Phil stevenson
11 SIN 3869 Changi sailing club James cole
12 AUS 3920 Wsc Ben newling
13 AUS 3784 Woollahra sailing club Simon john liddington
14 AUS 3 Wsc Scott babbage
15 GBR 3918 Hayling / wpnsa Simon hiscocks
16 GBR 0 Qmsc Leigh albrecht
17 GBR 3805 Rock sailing club Tom offer
18 IRL 3771 Wsc michael Joseph o’shea
19 GER 3835 Ssc, schleswig Manfred c. schreiber
20 GER 3259 Slrv Gerold pauler
21 FRA 3746 Sport nautique sablais Rotteleur eric
22 GBR 3928 Bewl valley sc Rob cage
23 GBR 3607 Hayling island Olivier vidal
24 SUI 3752 Cve David holenweg
25 AUS 3867 Woollahra sailing club David robinson
26 AUS 33 Manly 16ft skiff club James edward dorron
27 SUI 3884 Sng Hochmann marc
28 GER 3788 Scnc/sc4 Nina zühlke
29 AUS 3776 Rpayc Joshua aaron mcknight
30 AUS 6 A18l John harris
31 BEL 3388 Bryc Good morgan
32 ITA 3791 Club nautico marina di carrara Francesco bianchi
33 GBR 3619 Stokes bay sailing club Jason paul belben
34 AUS 3719 Woollahra sailing club Phillip kurts
35 BEL 3915 Rycb Galeotti giovanni
36 SUI 3846 Société nautique de genève Psarofaghis mikis
37 GBR 3766 Eastbourne soverign sc Alex koukourakis
38 NZL 3774 Auckland sc Matt vincent
39 GBR 3769 Wac Andrew richard budgen
40 GBR 3914 Bcyc Mike cooke
41 SUI 3734 Société nautique de genève Jean-pierre ziegert
42 DEN 3601 Tbl Hans rasmussen
43 GBR 3941 Stone sailing club Gareth john davies
44 USA 3911 Balboa yacht club Eric aakhus
45 AUS 3631 Royal yacht club of tasmania Julian salter
46 NED 3945 Wsv onder ons Eelco boers
47 SUI 3626 Rco Renker matthias
48 AUS 3783 Woollahra sailing club Warren sare
49 GBR 3192 Marec Chris jeeves
50 POL 3842 Michal domanski
51 NED 3849 Wsv muiderberg Constantijn weber
52 AUS 8 Ryct Rob gough
53 ITA 3854 Circolo vela arco Marco lanulfi
54 ITA 3879 Svks Harald stuffer
55 ITA 3901 Svks Peter stuffer
56 GER 3732 Scr/scns Markus steeg
57 AUS 4000 Woollahra sailing club Mark robinson
58 GBR 3757 Royal lymington Ben paton
59 FRA 3718 Asnq Rezzoug anthony
60 GER 3684 Rsv/scr Sven kloppenburg
61 GBR 3795 Royal lymington yc Peter barton
62 NED 3100 Wsv lauwerszee Koos winnips
63 FRA 3830 Asnq Andrillon yann
64 FRA 3935 Asnq Gavigniaux claire
65 USA 3844 Sail newport Matt knowles
66 AUS 3770 Woollahra sailing club Emma j spiers
67 GER 3843 Feldafinger segelverein Carlo mäge
68 GER 3088 Scr Schönberg jens
69 ITA 3855 Circolo vela arco Fabio mazzetti
70 FRA 3755 Cn lorient Le houerou damien damien
71 SUI 3798 Sng Philippe boris schiller
72 GBR 3730 Castle cove sc Jonathan peats
73 SUI 3620 Rvs Zaeh martin
74 SWE 3666 Bryc Martin grävare
75 ESP 3606 Rya Simon alexander fisher
76 GBR 3711 Frensham ponds Dan` ward
77 GBR 3944 Bartley sc Richard westbury
78 GBR TBC Stokes bay sc Robert greenhalgh
79 GBR 3708 Hayling island Michael lennon
80 SUI 3797 Yca Patrick ruf
81 AUS 2 Woollahra sailing club Joe mothman turner
82 AUS 3803 Black rock yacht club Kohei kajimoto
83 AUS 3900 Black rock yacht club Andrew mcdougall
84 ITA 3992 Vela club campione Luca rizzotti
85 NZL 3715 Hayling island sailing club Jason russell
86 NZL 4 Tauranga Peter burling
87 GBR 3892 Queen mary sailing club Andrew friend
88 GBR 3804 Hayling island sailing club Ricky tagg
89 IRL 3635 Dbsc John chambers
90 SUI 3831 Yacht club ascona Decarli nicola
91 AUT 3202 Ycw Doug culnane
92 SWE 3793 Gkss Magnus grävare
93 SWE 3794 Ksss Emma aspington
94 GBR 3916 Queen mary sailing club James phare
95 GBR 3614 Queen mary sailing club Doug pybus
96 ITA 3789 Cdv erix Andrea biagioni
97 SUI 3387 Ycas Dazio roberto
98 FIN 3291 Tp Janne mikael Uusi-Autti
99 GER 3399 Svd Harald steiner
100 FIN 1 Hsk Sami jokinen
101 SWE 3786 Royal swedish yacht club Nils gustav akervall
102 FRA 3122 Asnq Poizivara Frédéric
103 GBR 3893 Draycote Water Sc Thomas Lambert
104 GBR 3836 Hisc Simon Payne
105 SUI 3625 Yacht Club Ascona Alessandro Fuchs
106 GBR 3870 Hayling Island Sc Oliver Daniel Holden
107 USA 3931 Lauderdale Yacht Club Brad Funk
108 GER 3594 Lsc Frederik Schmid
109 EST 3937 Rein Ottoson Sailing School Sten Mark Bachmann
110 GBR 3674 Hayling Island Neil Baker
111 AUS 3949 BSC Alan John Goddard
112 SUI 3948 Club Nautique de Founex Marc Armand Brugger
113 USA 5 Bay View Yacht Club Bora Gulari
114 USA 3615 Bay View Yacht Club George Peet
115 ITA 3912 Svoc Stefano Rizzi
116 NED 3852 Arjan de Lange

20 thoughts on “Entry List

  1. Hi, I have some more questions. We have an appartement in Campione, but they just have parking space for normal cars. Is there a possibility to get a spot for our 2,75m high bus?
    We would like to bring a motorboat for training and safety. Is there a place in the harbour where we can leave it in the water and is a special motorboat identification required on lake garda?

    • Dear Nina,
      there will be a caravan parking available in campione. No ID required for that part of the lake, will check for availability of on water buoys

  2. Hi Luca,

    Will it be possible to park my mothmobile on the caravan parking? I’m bringing my boat in the mothmobile, and will sleep in it.
    I already booked a camping place, but maybe the caravan parking you mention is better for me?

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  5. Hey Luca,
    Looks like the 16 Australian boats will be in Milan on Monday, maybe Campione on Wednesday, will let you know. Is there any instruction on where to leave them?

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  7. Hi luca,
    I just want to know if we will sailling on the morning or in the afternoon?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Mikis, 80% will be in the afternoon. we would only race in morning if we have a strong heatwave that prevent Ora building up

  8. Hi Luca,
    anything new about water buoys for bringing motor boat? Would be great!
    Having an additional boat on the water driven by an experienced trainer (knows how to rescue a moth) should also be good for the organizer. Even if it is not directly on the course.

    Thanks for the organisation!

    • Hi Nina, there are some buoys but will likely be taken by commitee, any other boat can be craned out of water at end of day ( providing that has some sort of cradle or trailer )

  9. Hi Nina:

    I have heard mixed information about availability of Internet and Wi-Fi at Campione.
    Is there Wi-Fi at the hotel or the Apartments?


  10. Hi Luca,

    Is there reliable internet at Campione? I was told yes there is Wi Fi but I saw a facebook post from a competitor who is at Campione- he said there is no internet!!


    • Hi Erdogan,
      from the first day of the championship a wi-fi connection to the Internet and an internet point will available at UniVela in Campione.

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