Gulari/Outteridge Battle Rages As US Racers Take Two of Top Three Spots

Kaneohe Bay, HI (16 October 2013) – Light to moderate trade winds swept Kaneohe Bay Hawaii today, allowing four spectacular races in the postcard-perfect conditions Hawaii is known for for the 3rd day of the 2013 McConaghy + McDougall International Moth World Championship. 2009 Moth World Champion Bora Gulari took advantage of a weaker performance from Nathan Outteridge today, blasting ahead of the 2011 World Champ by a five point margin. Florida’s Brad Funk closed to within 8 points of Outteridge to round out the top 3.

Today’s high-speed action meant plenty of breakages, collisions, and general carnage on the course; the Moth Worlds media team will send a more detailed news release, along with today’s HD highlight reel, and the winner of the $1000 Velocitek “Dash For Cash”, in the early hours of the morning.

Overall Results After 7 Races (Top 5 Only):

1. USA 7: Bora Gulari, Detroit, MI, [16]-1-2-1-3-3-7- ; 17

2. AUS 3997: Nathan Outteridge, Wangi Wangi, Australia, 1-2-1-[11]-9-1-8- ; 22

3. USA 1111: Crad Funk, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 8-5-4-3-5-5-[18]- ; 30

4. AUS 8, Julian Salter, Tasmania, 11-9-8-5-2-[29]-5- ; 40

5. AUS 3, Rob Gough, Tasmania, [15]-8-13-9-8-2-4- ; 44

Full results are available. You can find photos, video interviews, and other features at

the Moth Worlds Facebook Page.

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