Race Report: Final Day World Championships

Paul Goodison won the title
YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016

YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan was closing today.
On the last race day, May 29, only one race was held. Paul Goodison from UK kept his lead and became the new champion.

38-year-old Goodison, 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist in the Laser Class, continued his steady racing and finished in one of the top three positions in 11 races out of 13. He won the battle with young Chris Rashley aiming for his first victory and Robert Greenhalgh who made a fantastic turnaround yesterday and he claimed the international Moth world championship title for the first time.

“Because Rob (Robert Greenhalgh, third place) won the first race today, I felt pressure a little before the second race start. After the race start, the wind dropped. When I heard the race was cancelled, I was not disappointed to be honest. Although I was a little bit underprepared to join the championships, I am very happy to win the title after racing under various sailing conditions” said Goodison.

“If you are asking me which is more fun to sail with Laser (with which I won the gold Olympic medal) or International Moth, I would say Moth. Foiling boat attracts me very much since I can tune my race boat by sailing conditions. It is also great to race together with world top level sailors”, he added with a smile.

UK champion, Rashley finished second and EU champion, Greenhalgh is third. Sailors from Great Britain showed outstanding performances in the championships.

Kohei Kajimoto who finished eleventh is the best among Japanese participants. Wakako Tabata who finished thirty-seventh claimed the women’s world championship title among 6 female sailors.

Rob Gough from Australia finished seventh won the over 45 master world championship title. Shinichiro Yano who joined in the championships supported by a special program to develop young sailors finished forty-third and won the under 18 junior world championship title.

Olympic medalists dominate the international Moth world championship title over three consecutive championships. Nathan Outteridge, 2012 London Olympic gold medalist in the 49er Class won the title in 2014, Peter Burling, 2012 London Olympic silver medalist in the 49er Class won the title in 2015, and Goodison won this year.

International Moth Class attracts many top sailors. “Super sailors who experienced Olympic games, Volvo Ocean Race and the America’s Cup joined in the championships. However, everyone casually exchange his or her own knowledge and skills in very friendly ambiance. It is environment of Moth Class” said Rashley in the second place.

68 sailors from 11 countries participated in YANMAR Moth World Championships 2016. The next year world competition will be held in Lake Garda, Italy during summer.

Race Report: Day 4 World Championships

Robert Greenhalgh catch up Paul Goodison intensely
One more race day to go YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016

YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan. May 28th is forth race day and the day before final day of the event.

Thanks to weekend, the Hayama Port received many visitors who wanted to see world top level sailing competitions including those who were not usually familiar with yachting. There was a long queue for today’s tickets of spectator boats offered by the organiser.

However, due to very light winds in the morning, the participants had to wait for a long time to start racing. The first race was started at 3:35pm (JST). In continued south-southwesterly breeze of 6-7 knots, today’s three races were finally finished.

Robert Greenhalgh from UK, current EU champion who raced in 1st, 2nd and 1st during the three races made remarkable performances today. Although he was in the first place on Day 1, he had to retire 2 races on Day 2 due to the damages on his boat. Once he lost his momentum but he continued his racing and reached third, 5 points behind the top.

Paul Goodison from UK, 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist in the Laser Class, holding a leading position in the championships continued his steady racing and stays in the first place. Young British sailor, Chris Rashley following Goodison is just 2 point behind. On Day 4 the before the final day, all top three were occupied by British sailors and then Australia’s Scott Babbage is fourth.

Concerning Japanese participants, Hiroki Goto showed cracking performances and reached twelfth. Sadly Kohei Kajimoto dropped down to eleventh. Now Goto is 15 points behind Kajimoto. They will continue their tight race until the end.

Tomorrow May 29th is the final day. Whether you like it or not, only three races are remained.

Race Report: Day 3 World Championships

Another Challenging Day for Moth sailors
The third race day YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016

YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan had the third race today on May 26th.

Today is another tough day for Moth sailors. Due to continuous strong southerly winds since the last night, waves were getting higher on the racecourse. Many boats following the top group capsized during the races and some of them had to retire because of damages on their boats.

Shinji Hachiyama participating in the championships supported by a special program to develop young sailors capsized his boat just before the third race start and the tiller extension was accidentally broken. However, he manages to join the third race and completed it.
“I’m enjoying racing whatever happens during the races. I can see every day my progress,” said Hachiyama with joy.

Paul Goodison from UK, 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist in the Laser Class, made perfect races today by keep first turning all the marks during the first and the second races and reached the first place.

Young star from UK, Chris Rashley just one point behind from Goodison, finished the second. So we must follow these two British sailors’ dead heat from the next races.

Then Australia’s Scott Babbage stays the third after finishing the first in the third race. Chairman of International Moth Class Association, Babbage tries to take every opportunity to win the championships.

Unfortunately Kohei Kajimoto could not join in the first race due to the damage of foils designed for strong winds. However, he keeps his leading position among Japanese participants.

Tomorrow, May 27 is the Lay day. The sailors can spend a day, as they want. Some goes sightseeing, some maintains the boat and some has a rest.
Another hard competition will start day after tomorrow. The weather forecast says strong winds are gradually dying down.