Race Report: Final Day World Championships

Paul Goodison won the title YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan was closing today. On the last race day, May 29, only one race was held. Paul Goodison from UK kept his lead and became the new champion. 38-year-old Goodison, 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist in the Laser Class, continued his steady racing and finished in one of the top three positions in 11 races out of 13. He won the battle with young Chris Rashley aiming for his first victory and Robert Greenhalgh who made a fantastic turnaround yesterday and he claimed the international Moth world championship title for the first time. “Because Rob (Robert Greenhalgh, third place) won the first race today, I felt pressure a little before the second race start. After the race start, the wind dropped. When I heard the race was cancelled, […]

Race Report: Day 4 World Championships

Robert Greenhalgh catch up Paul Goodison intensely One more race day to go YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan. May 28th is forth race day and the day before final day of the event. Thanks to weekend, the Hayama Port received many visitors who wanted to see world top level sailing competitions including those who were not usually familiar with yachting. There was a long queue for today’s tickets of spectator boats offered by the organiser. However, due to very light winds in the morning, the participants had to wait for a long time to start racing. The first race was started at 3:35pm (JST). In continued south-southwesterly breeze of 6-7 knots, today’s three races were finally finished. Robert Greenhalgh from UK, current EU champion who raced in 1st, 2nd and 1st during the three races made remarkable […]

Race Report: Day 3 World Championships

Another Challenging Day for Moth sailors The third race day YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan had the third race today on May 26th. Today is another tough day for Moth sailors. Due to continuous strong southerly winds since the last night, waves were getting higher on the racecourse. Many boats following the top group capsized during the races and some of them had to retire because of damages on their boats. Shinji Hachiyama participating in the championships supported by a special program to develop young sailors capsized his boat just before the third race start and the tiller extension was accidentally broken. However, he manages to join the third race and completed it. “I’m enjoying racing whatever happens during the races. I can see every day my progress,” said Hachiyama with joy. Paul Goodison from UK, 2008 […]

Race Report: Day 2 World Championships

Participants were required to show their ability The second race day of YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan had the second race today on May 25th. Today’s sailing conditions was strong southerly wind from the morning which is not ideal for non-experienced sailors to handle Moth. Therefore about 20 participants mainly who are not confident about sailing under this weather didn’t join today’s races. However, many of them rode on safety boats to support the competitions. They could have a close look at top sailors’ racing and learn a lot. Chris Rashley from UK, new generation of sailors got ahead of others and finished in the first place for today. Paul Goodison, 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist in the Laser Class, made stable racing and stays the second place. Then Australia’s Scott Babbage finished the third after today’s […]

Race Report: Day 1 World Championships

UK is leading! The first race day of YANMAR Moth World Championships 2016 YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan had the first race today on May 24th and it was full of excitement. After the practice race on Day 1, the serious competitions were started today, Day 2. In the morning, the sailors who were preparing for their boat looked very serious without smile and showed their passion and enthusiasm for the races. On the day, the winds were southerly at 5-10 knots. When the first race was started, the winds were not so strong. However, later, the winds got stronger. In the second and third races, we could enjoy exciting races with full of speed of Moth making the most of its hydrofoil. Robert Greenhalgh of UK is currently leading the competitions. The European Champion arrived in Hayama one week before […]

Race Report: Opening Day World Championships

“YANMAR Moth World Championship 2016” kicked off Sir Russell Coutts attending official press conference YANMAR Moth World Championships 2016, held from May 23rd to May 29th, kicked off at Hayama, JAPAN. It’s been 15 years since Moth Worlds was held in Japan and this is the first time it’s being held in Hayama JAPAN. International Moth Class is a high technology sailing dinghy with hydrofoil can reach even 65km/h. With its unforgettable and unique sense of speed, this is a popular sport that has captured the interest of lots of sailors of any sex and age, from juniors to veterans – the youngest is the 16 years old Anna Yamazaki, the oldest is the 72 years old Motohiro Furuya. A total of 69 sailors from 13 different countries/areas will be attending this race. On the first day, an official press conference, a practice race and an opening ceremony were held. […]

Race Report : Day 2 Japan National Championships

Kohei Kajimoto won his second victory of Japan Moth Title in 28 years! YANMAR Moth Worlds officially kick off tomorrow. As a prelude to the 2016 YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016, The 50th Japan National Moth Championships has been held in Hayama from 21st to 22nd May. Second day of the event, four races carried out with stable 8-12 knots breeze from NE. “Yesterday we only hold one race due to weak winds, so I’m really relieved that we have four races today. The wind was kind of weak in the first race so fleet weren’t able to start foiling, but it got steadily stronger after that, until we recorded a blowing wind of 20 knots during the third race”, said Taro Kyoguro, chairman of the race committee. Because of land breeze, surface of race area was flat and average wind speed was 10 knots, that’s a perfect condition for foiling. […]

Race Report : Day 1 Japan National Championships

The Prelude to YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 50th Japan National Moth Championships start in light breeze As a prelude to the 2016 YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 that will begin from next Monday on May 23rd, Japan National Moth Championships has begun in Hayama, know as birthplace of Japanese yachting. Japan National Championships will mark the 50th anniversary this year. 66 Moth participated in this event from around the world. They all celebrate golden jubilee. However due to weak winds on the first day, they were on standby at the shore for quite a while. At past noon, with the coming light southern breeze and the end of shore standby, the long-waiting sailors rush into the harbour sloop. Thanks for the race organiser, well management of control to set sail. Race courses is 2laps going through between windward and leeward. Light breeze about 6 knots, some areas are windless. Whether or […]

“YANMAR Moth World Championships 2016” begins on next Monday

International Moth Class World Championships “YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016” will start next Monday, 23rd of May. Day 1, an official press conference, practice races and an opening ceremony will be scheduled. Sir Russell Coutts will attend the press conference! as a special guest. YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 is held for a week and a new champion will appear 29th of May, last day of the event. Sir Russell Coutts is CEO of Oracle team USA and the America’s Cup Event Authority who will see the practice race from a VIP boat, and come to the venue to cheer up sailors. Why the legend sailor will be in Hayama? Because he has strong partnership between YANMAR, the title sponsor of the championships. And of course he is a sailor must be interested in Moth! 72 participants from 13 countries/regions including the UK, USA, EU and AUS present champions had registered to participate. Olympic […]