Race Report: Day 2 World Championships

Participants were required to show their ability
The second race day of YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016

YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan had the second race today on May 25th.

Today’s sailing conditions was strong southerly wind from the morning which is not ideal for non-experienced sailors to handle Moth. Therefore about 20 participants mainly who are not confident about sailing under this weather didn’t join today’s races. However, many of them rode on safety boats to support the competitions. They could have a close look at top sailors’ racing and learn a lot.

Chris Rashley from UK, new generation of sailors got ahead of others and finished in the first place for today. Paul Goodison, 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist in the Laser Class, made stable racing and stays the second place. Then Australia’s Scott Babbage finished the third after today’s races.

Among Japanese participants, currently Kohei Kajimoto is leading in the seventh. Kajimoto reigning Japanese Champion keeps the momentum in the championships.

“I usually sail in high waves and strong winds for training. So I look forward to tomorrow races” confidently said Kajimoto. Japan’s Hiroki Goto aiming to finish within top 10 in the championships is currently in the eleventh. Hayama is Goto’s hometown, so we could well see a fight back from him.

69 sailors from 10 countries are participating in the championships. 33 participants are from the host, Japan, 17 from Australia and 10 from Great Britain. Also 3 sailors are from the other side of Japan, Argentina.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is similar to today and it would advantage skilled sailors. Another three races are scheduled for tomorrow.

Race Report: Day 1 World Championships

UK is leading!
The first race day of YANMAR Moth World Championships 2016


YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 held from May 23rd to May 29th in Hayama, Japan had the first race today on May 24th and it was full of excitement.

After the practice race on Day 1, the serious competitions were started today, Day 2. In the morning, the sailors who were preparing for their boat looked very serious without smile and showed their passion and enthusiasm for the races.

On the day, the winds were southerly at 5-10 knots. When the first race was started, the winds were not so strong. However, later, the winds got stronger. In the second and third races, we could enjoy exciting races with full of speed of Moth making the most of its hydrofoil.

Robert Greenhalgh of UK is currently leading the competitions. The European Champion arrived in Hayama one week before the World Championships start to have proper training and then returned to UK. He came back to Japan yesterday and joins the races.

“Since I just arrived in Japan yesterday, I am still suffering from jet lag a little. But I am satisfied with the today’s races and I believe I will have good night sleep. I expect to keep going this for tomorrow races” said Greenhalgh.

Paul Goodison, the Beijin Olympic Game Gold medalist who achieved the second positions in all races follows after Greenhalgh. The third position is a young British sailor, Chris Rashley. British sailors occupy top three on the first day beating strong competitors, Australians.

Regarding Japanese sailors, Hiroki Goto achieved to be in the ninth and Kohei Kajimoto did in the tenth. We must keep paying attention to these two sailors’ competition.

According to the weather forecast, winds will get stronger and waves will be high on Day 3. It will be challenging for leading sailors. For others, it will be a very stressful day. Another three races are scheduled for Day 3.