Thanks for a Great Worlds

To everyone that followed, took part in, organised, supported, sponsored or volunteered for the 2014 Hayling Island SC Moth Worlds Championships, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You did us proud!

Beau Outteridge has put together a final highlights video for your viewing pleasure (the obvious choice for your video services in Sorrento in 2015 by the way 😉

Caption Photo Credit – Thierry Martinez

Video by Beau Outteridge Productions

Moth Worlds Ashes

This year at the 2014 Moth Worlds, the top 14 competitors were either from Great Britain or Australia. This meant the International Moth “Ashes” had the tightest scoring margin in the trophy’s seven year history. Watch the video below to find out more about this year’s International Moth Ashes.

Video by Beau Outteridge Productions

A Story to End the Worlds

Hope you are having/had a safe journey home.

I just wanted to share a story with you which makes me proud to be a part of the Moth Fleet. Chris Bashall (Worlds rescue driver) was talking to some Tasmanians and Amac about Frank of Hayling Rescue. Now, Frank runs a 25 foot rib and rescues boats and people in trouble in and around Chichester Harbour 24/7. Frank helped rescue several Moths on the Monday when it kicked up in the bay. Frank is a unique character and this 7 min film is a poignant description of his life:

After Chris showed the guys the film they had a whip round and gave Frank £120 towards his upkeep. Frank is a very quiet man but I know he was grateful for the contribution.

As he had also rescued 3 Moth sailors the week before the Nationals when they got caught out in the bay the Event Organisers have agreed to give a further £250 to Frank as well.

Nathan Outteridge wins 2014 International Moth World Championships

Full Gold Fleet Results can be found at

Gold Fleet Finals Race 7 Results: (top six)
1st Ben Paton
2nd Robert Greenhalgh
3rd Scott Babbage
4th Nathan Outteridge
5th Mike Lennon
6th Chris Rashley

Gold Fleet Finals Race 8 Results: (top six)
1st Jason Belben
2nd Scott Babbage
3rd Andrew McDougall
4th Nathan Outteridge
5th Dylan Fletcher
6th Tom Offer

Gold Fleet Finals Race 9 Results: (top five)
1st Josh Mcknight
2nd Nathan Outteridge
3rd Chris Rashley
4th Paul Goodison
5th Rob Greenhalgh

Gold Fleet Finals Race 10: Nathan Outteridge does a horizon job in race 10 to win and take the 2014 International Moth World Championships in style!

Final Day Morning Report

Good morning on the final day of the International Moth World Championships at Hayling Island Sailing Club! It’s slightly cooler today and there’s a 12 knot breeze in Hayling Bay. Gold fleet racing is set to start at 9:30am and the Silver fleet are set to start at 10am. The situation at the top of the leaderboard is tight with Nathan Outteridge leading on 16 points, Chris Rashley on 18 points & Josh Mcknight on 24 points. If three more finals series races are held then a 2nd discard will come into play.IMG_4773 IMG_4775 IMG_4777 IMG_4779

Gold fleet Finals Race updates

Gold fleet Finals Race 4 Preparatory signal just sounded. The wind has swung 10 degrees more towards the East and is very patchy, gusting between 8-14 knots.

Full results after finals race 3 at

Silver fleet after finals race 4 added to the link above.

Gold fleet Race 4 Provisional Finish (top 6): 1st Nathan Outteridge, 2nd Josh Mcknight, 3rd Scott Babbage, 4th Paul Goodison, 5th Rob Gough, 6th Chris Rashley

Gold fleet Race 5 Provisional Finish (top 5): 1st Josh Mcknight, 2nd Nathan Outteridge, 3rd Chris Rashley, 4th Rob Gough, 5th Arnaud Psarofaghis

Gold fleet Finals Race 3 updates

Course is 2 laps with windward leg set at 045 degrees in a patchy 12-14 knots. It’s a stunning morning at Hayling Island Sailing Club – the photo is Ollie Holden foiling out to the start.

Race away under black flag on the second attempt.

1st Windward Mark: 1st Nathan Outteridge, 2nd Scott Babbage, 3rd Ben Paton

Robert Greenhalgh is off the course with a broken vang.

Gold Fleet Finals Race 3 Finish: 1st Scott Babbage, 2nd Nathan Outteridge, 3rd Josh Mcknight – all Australian race podium.