Gold fleet Finals Race updates

Gold fleet Finals Race 4 Preparatory signal just sounded. The wind has swung 10 degrees more towards the East and is very patchy, gusting between 8-14 knots.

Full results after finals race 3 at

Silver fleet after finals race 4 added to the link above.

Gold fleet Race 4 Provisional Finish (top 6): 1st Nathan Outteridge, 2nd Josh Mcknight, 3rd Scott Babbage, 4th Paul Goodison, 5th Rob Gough, 6th Chris Rashley

Gold fleet Race 5 Provisional Finish (top 5): 1st Josh Mcknight, 2nd Nathan Outteridge, 3rd Chris Rashley, 4th Rob Gough, 5th Arnaud Psarofaghis

Gold fleet Finals Race 3 updates

Course is 2 laps with windward leg set at 045 degrees in a patchy 12-14 knots. It’s a stunning morning at Hayling Island Sailing Club – the photo is Ollie Holden foiling out to the start.

Race away under black flag on the second attempt.

1st Windward Mark: 1st Nathan Outteridge, 2nd Scott Babbage, 3rd Ben Paton

Robert Greenhalgh is off the course with a broken vang.

Gold Fleet Finals Race 3 Finish: 1st Scott Babbage, 2nd Nathan Outteridge, 3rd Josh Mcknight – all Australian race podium.

Johno Fullerton reports from the race course with 15 minutes to the Gold fleet start: “There’s a patchy 12 knots, maybe gusting 14. Everyone is foiling. There are a few wind streaks near the windward mark, which is closest the Hayling Beach shore, which should make things interesting on the mark roundings.”

Day 6 Morning Report

Once again there’s unbroken sunshine at Hayling Island and Chimet is showing 16 knots, gusting 19 from the North East.

We’re onto day 2 of finals racing with the Gold fleet starting at 10am and the Silver fleet at 10.30am so as to make the most of the morning breeze.

After 2 Gold fleet races, Chris Rashley (GBR) is leading Nathan Outteridge (AUS) by 3 points. It’s the penultimate day and things are getting tense at the top!

There’s also the #MothAshes to be settled. This is the trophy that Great Britain and Australia battle for, where the lowest aggregate score of the top 5 boats from their respective nations wins. Australia are the current holders, Great Britain currently lead on their home waters…