We are very excited to learn that Fastacraft will be bringing their newly launched boat to the 2014 Worlds in July. For most people in the Northern hemisphere, this will be their first look at the design that John Ilett has been working on for the last 3 years. I cannot wait to see it!

So Close! – Currently we are sitting at 115 entries. Only a few more boats needed and we will be the largest Worlds ever! We did a quick run down and we reckon that there are another 15 boats we expect to enter. With the ones we do not know about where are we going to end up?

100 Entries!

As of today, we now have 104 entries taking part in the International Moth Worlds / UK Open National Championships. Everyone here is overwhelmed by the response from Mothies around the World with 18 countries now being represented. With 5 months still to go before the Champs start, this is shaping up to be the largest entry ever.

It is great to see some top UK sailors signing up. Stevie Morrison, UK Olympic 49er representative and Geoff Carveth, multiple Worlds and National Champion in many classes have both just entered to join the ranks of people like Paul Goodison, Olympic Laser Gold Medallist, Rob Greenhalgh, current UK National Champion and Simon Hiscocks, 49er Olympic Silver Medallist.

There are no plans to cap entries at this time but if you are thinking of coming, please get your entries in soon to avoid any potential disappointment.

Magic Marine Sponsors the 2014 International Moth Worlds!

Press Release from Carrie Howe of Magic Marine:-

The technical water sports clothing brand Magic Marine is celebrating its 25th anniversary and making a firm stand to showcase its love of innovation and speed. Sponsorship of the International Moth Worlds 2014 is the perfect platform to show off new products to the World. The Magic Marine 2014 International Moth Worlds will be held from the 19th to 25th July 2014 and is being hosted by Hayling Island Sailing Club.

The Magic Marine 2014 International Moth Worlds already has 93 boats entered and with 5 months to go, this is set to be the largest Moth Worlds ever.  The Moth Class draws sailors of Olympic and Americas Cup calibre and is a premier dinghy class.  The International Moth Class introduced the World to foiling and now events such as the America’s cup are sailed using boats that foil.

“Each year we evaluate the classes that are truly pushing the envelope and draw the World’s top sailors year after year. No matter where a Moth is sailing, it draws attention because of its agility and speed, as well as the type of sailor that sails it. These sailors are the sport’s opinion leaders” said Carrie Howe, Magic Marine Marketing and Sales director.  “We are proud to begin a partnership with one of the most innovative small boat classes in sailing.  The Moths require extreme skill to sail but also bring a sense of fun to the sport, which fits the brand’s motto of ‘Driven by the Elements’”

“Magic Marine has launched a full Protector Series range including wetsuits with impact protection and helmets. This combined with the lightweight, polar lined neoprene the gear perfectly suits the Moth sailors. The brand pushes to be one step ahead recognizing that sailors are sailing faster, longer and in all weather conditions.”


For more information about the Moth World Championships and Magic Marine Sailing collections, please visit www.magicmarine.com

80 Entries & The Australians/Tasmanians are coming!

Its great to see Australians Amac, Scott Babbage, Rob Gough (Tasmania) and Phil Stevenson already entered. We have heard rumours that others are going to be making the journey from down under and we are dead chuffed that they are coming.

Where is the USA? Surely Bora Gulari will want to come and defend his title?  I am sure the Aussies will want it back off him and there are few UK & European sailors who will have their eyes on the prize too. I am sure he will get to it after he is back from the Melges Worlds in Geelong, Australia.

Last night we broke the 80 entries barrier, 5 days after we opened the entry. The enthusiasm for this event is palpable. We are going to do our best to give everyone the best sailing event ever. No matter whether you are in the top 10 or having great racing in the Silver fleet, we will do our best for you. Yes, we are here to determine a World champion but we also want to provide good racing no matter where you are in the fleet. Right to the end of the championship. Over the coming months we will be revealing how we are going to achieve this.

No Rush to Enter Now? Think Again!

Right we have gone through the 70 boat entry for the Worlds now and the rate has now gone up to £285. Be aware that the Nationals fee is still £60 until the Nationals entry reaches 70 boats too (it sits at 63 entries currently).

So the message is if you have not entered now is the time to do it before the price goes up another £10 after the next 7 boats have entered the Nationals.

70 boats here we come!

The 2014 Worlds is shaping up to be the best ever. As of this morning, we had 54 paid entries which is not bad considering it has only been open for 3 days!

Please, I want to make sure that all of you that are planning to come to the Worlds get their entry in before the fee goes up when we reach 70 boats. As this rate of progress that will be within 48 hours.

Please note that you need to be a member of your country’s IMCA to be able to take part.

A few things to note:-

1. Your entry will not be accepted until you have paid the fee. If you are having problems with the payment system or need to pay by another method, you must contact the Hayling Island SC office as soon as possible and sort out paying by an alternative means. Please note that you will pay the higher rate after we have gone past 70 entries (secretary (at) hisc.co.uk or better to ring 0044 23 9246 3768 as time is running out)

2. Nationals only – A couple of you have entered the Nationals only which is great. However, if you are planning to do the Worlds as well, entering now does not guarantee you a cheaper slot later once we have gone over 70 entries. You will pay whatever fee applies at that point.

Finally, if you are planning on just turning up on the day, please note that a. your entry may not accepted. It is at the discretion of the Club. b. there is a £40 supplementary charge for any entry received after the 12th July.