A Story to End the Worlds

Hope you are having/had a safe journey home.

I just wanted to share a story with you which makes me proud to be a part of the Moth Fleet. Chris Bashall (Worlds rescue driver) was talking to some Tasmanians and Amac about Frank of Hayling Rescue. Now, Frank runs a 25 foot rib and rescues boats and people in trouble in and around Chichester Harbour 24/7. Frank helped rescue several Moths on the Monday when it kicked up in the bay. Frank is a unique character and this 7 min film is a poignant description of his life:


After Chris showed the guys the film they had a whip round and gave Frank £120 towards his upkeep. Frank is a very quiet man but I know he was grateful for the contribution.

As he had also rescued 3 Moth sailors the week before the Nationals when they got caught out in the bay the Event Organisers have agreed to give a further £250 to Frank as well.