Thanks for a Great Worlds

To everyone that followed, took part in, organised, supported, sponsored or volunteered for the 2014 Hayling Island SC Moth Worlds Championships, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You did us proud!

Beau Outteridge has put together a final highlights video for your viewing pleasure (the obvious choice for your video services in Sorrento in 2015 by the way 😉

Caption Photo Credit – Thierry Martinez

Video by Beau Outteridge Productions

Moth Worlds Ashes

This year at the 2014 Moth Worlds, the top 14 competitors were either from Great Britain or Australia. This meant the International Moth “Ashes” had the tightest scoring margin in the trophy’s seven year history. Watch the video below to find out more about this year’s International Moth Ashes.

Video by Beau Outteridge Productions

A Story to End the Worlds

Hope you are having/had a safe journey home.

I just wanted to share a story with you which makes me proud to be a part of the Moth Fleet. Chris Bashall (Worlds rescue driver) was talking to some Tasmanians and Amac about Frank of Hayling Rescue. Now, Frank runs a 25 foot rib and rescues boats and people in trouble in and around Chichester Harbour 24/7. Frank helped rescue several Moths on the Monday when it kicked up in the bay. Frank is a unique character and this 7 min film is a poignant description of his life:

After Chris showed the guys the film they had a whip round and gave Frank £120 towards his upkeep. Frank is a very quiet man but I know he was grateful for the contribution.

As he had also rescued 3 Moth sailors the week before the Nationals when they got caught out in the bay the Event Organisers have agreed to give a further £250 to Frank as well.


MM Small

New addition to the Moth Worlds Social Calendar, Magic Marine have generously put some money behind the bar on Thursday night so that competitors can have a drink on them.

In addition, competitors will receive beers in Magic Marine cooler at random when the tally back in at the end of racing.There are 20 coolers to give away each day. If competitors post on the Moth worlds Facebook page, a ‘Cheers’ photo with their beer in a Magic Marine Cooler, Magic Marine will pick a winner for the page at the end of each day…. Enter for the chance to win; Tension boots, Cube Quickdry tops, Sticky gloves, and Bungee caps!


CST Logo
CST Composites is proud to announce it is a supporting sponsor of the 2014 International Moth World Championships at Hayling Island Sailing Club.

The competition, which kicks off on Saturday the 19th July, is set to be the largest ever Moth Worlds with close to 140 entries. Up for grabs at the event will be a selection of CST products including two High Modulus Carbon Booms.

CST is the number one choice for many of the top sailors looking for that extra edge in the Moth fleet, including several previous world champions.

CEO and Founder of CST, Clive Watts said: “We would like to wish all our customers competing in the championship the best of luck and are looking forward to what is shaping up to be a spectacular event.”

UK agent for CST, Tim Penfold said: “As a moth sailor myself, I am very excited to be competing in the championship at my home sailing club. I shall be supporting the fleet at the event with a range of stock and will be on hand to advise on rig set-up.”

About CST:

CST Composites, or ‘Composite Spars and Tubes’ as it was originally known, was founded in 1995 in Sydney, Australia. From its inception the company has focused on the design and manufacture of cost effective, yet high quality, filament wound tubing to service marine, industrial and high-tech markets.

It is working on developing new ranges for the UK high performance dinghy racing market following an increase in demand for its products on these shores.

For more information/ images please contact Tim Penfold


M: +44 7887 854 845

Nationals Day 1

Important Info

1. Registration is between 8am – 10am today – make sure you bring a boat measurement and at least one sail certificate.

2. Nationals Briefing is at 9:45.

3. Check the Official Notice Board (on the windows to the right of the Club Main Entrance) to see which fleet you are in (blue or yellow).

4. First race scheduled for 11:30. However you will be released by the race team when conditions allow.

5. Have fun and put on lots of sun cream. Its gonna be a scorcher!

Tuesday’s Entertainment

12:00 in the bay – Chris will be pulling up the buoys and coming in at 2pm, Don’t stay out beyond that time if you can help it. If you go outside stay with the fleet and do not go off on your own.

Important – there will be a sign on sheet today for free sailing. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU WRITE YOUR NAME DOWN BEFORE YOU GO SAILING AND SIGN OFF ONCE YOU RETURN.

Registration starts 2pm until 6pm today – Note – you will need to bring a boat and at least one sail measurement certificate to be able to register.

Looking forward to seeing you all today.

Monday’s entertainment!

12:30 in the bay for some informal racing until roughly 14:30. For those new to the Hayling bay drill – go out of the harbour, stay roughly in the channel, turn right at the first post (Bar Beacon), and you will find a 7m rib about 3-400 yds along from the bar, fairly close into the shore. Sail past with a smile and Chris may take your photo! Windward leeward course with start/leeward gate all in one.

Hayling newbies – Note high tide is at 13:41 and is 5.0m (ie huge)! Wind forecast is 11-13 knots SW by midday and building slowly to 13-15 kts by 15:00. It carries on building from there. Therefore:-

1. Check your boat for worn bits and replace before you leave the beach – do not chance it. Harriet in the on site Chandlery is there to help you all week.

2. Put your trollies ABOVE the high water line (marked by seaweed). Several floated away today and had to be rescued.

3. The Ebb tide (going out) is very BIG. 2 hours after high water it will start to run at 4-5 knots towards Calais so the rules of the bay for maximum fun are:-

a. Aim to go out into the bay 1 – 2 hrs before High Tide.

b. Aim to be back in the harbour no later than 1 – 2 hours after High Tide. On Monday 3pm is a good time to aim for. If you need to sail more the harbour is mostly navigable until about 4pm.

c. Try not to sail in the main channel coming in, Leave the Bar Beacon post on your port side and bear off (don’t gybe). Carry on reaching until you can line up the green post on the RHS of the harbour mouth with the club building and gybe. Aim to enter the harbour beside the green post. Kushti.

d. If you sail out of the harbour just as everyone else is coming in (like some today), you are indeed a plank of the first order. If you do survive the bar (doubtful) you will be taken to Captain Tagg who will make you wish that you had not.

Message ends.